Optimising remote working for traders

Remote working is breaking up the physical communication and workflows that buy-side traders and portfolio managers use in the office. To minimise any impact on investors, and to optimise performance, they will need to embrace cloud-based investment and trading systems across the front office. Russell Feldman COO at IMTC gave his expert view on the importance of real-time, collaborative tools in the supporting the trading workflow for investment firms.

About IMTC

IMTC strives to be the most compelling investment management technology platform of the 21st century. The business offers cloud-native software, enabling fixed income professionals to save time and focus on high value work.

IMTC’s NOVA platform provides buy-side firms with data, analytics and portfolio management solutions spanning the entire investment life cycle—from idea generation to trade allocation and everything in between. NOVA streamlines front-, middle- and back-office functions including portfolio construction, risk management, performance evaluation, compliance monitoring and reporting.

IMTC’s global team includes 80+ full-stack engineers who continuously deploy unparalleled enterprise software solutions, servicing investment professionals across the financial spectrum.

Published on April 7, 2020

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