If a fund manager is investing in cryptocurrency, the trading desk will have to manage market risk, counterparty risk and asset security in a new and often unregulated trading environment. We speak with Nic Niedermowwe, CEO and co-founder of Prime Factor Capital, about the key elements that a trader will have to consider, and the questions that an end investor might ask the trading desk.

Recent market volatility created opportunities for a smart equity trading desk as David Miller, head of EMEA trading at Invesco Perpetual reveals in February’s show.

In February’s bond show, Stephen Yeats, head of APAC and EMEA Fixed Income Beta Solutions at State Street Global Advisors and Bill Sherman, executive vice president of the global markets group at primary market specialist Ipreo reveal how trading desks can reduce trading costs for fixed income funds by accessing the primary markets.
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In January’s corporate bond show, Gianluca Minieri, deputy global head of trading at Amundi Asset Management; Lee Sanders, head of fixed income and FX dealing at AXA Investment Managers and Lee Bartholomew, head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D at Eurex address the challenges that uneven transparency regimes and illiquidity pose for credit trading under MiFID II.

In January’s Liquidity & Pricing show, Brett Pybus, iShares EMEA Fixed Income Product Strategy at BlackRock and Lee Bartholomew, head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D at Eurex explain how trading desks on the buy- and sell-side can use ETF Options to manage accessibility and price formation in fixed income markets.

In January’s rates show, Andrew Munro, global head of fixed income trading at Janus Henderson and Carl James, head of fixed income trading at Pictet Asset Management tell us how MiFID II has exposed some dealers and hit high touch trading, while Paul Reynolds, head of fixed income at TradingScreen, explains how asset managers can optimise best execution across asset classes.

In January’s equity show, Matt McLoughlin, head of trading at Liontrust tells us how execution and order routing have been impacted by MiFID II.

In December, Jim Switzer, global head of credit trading at AllianceBernstein tells us how a trading desk handles a sell-off in the corporate bond market while adding value to investors.

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Brett Chappell, head of fixed income trading at Nordea Investment Management explains the environment for dealing in corporate bonds and at 13:30 Lee Sanders, head of FX and fixed income trading at AXA Investment Managers, on trading in the government bond markets this month.