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Overcoming ‘illiquidity’ through better engagement and alternative trading protocols

Podcast with Carl James from Pictet Asset Management, analyses corporate bond trading activity in September. He asserts that the illiquidity concerns which some buy-side firms are reporting in the market are really an issue of engagement. By nurturing relationships, applying analytics to sell-side support and using alternative trading protocols, buy-side traders can develop strategies to get better dealer liquidity over the long and short term.

1 month ago

The right strategies for trading equities in volatile markets

Podcast with Tony Nash from Stifel Europe, identifying trading strategies, that allowed firms best execution while managing market risk, and ways to manage execution using on-the-fly transaction cost analysis (TCA). Importantly the approach to cost of trading needs to be factored in when assessing those analytics.

3 months ago

Portfolio trading rise exemplifies need for the innovative OMS

Podcast with Brett Schechterman, global head of business for thinkFolio at IHS Markit, and his outlining of the OMS innovations necessary to ensure traders can achieve best execution for clients over the next 18 months, even in the most choppy of markets.

3 months ago

Pressure mounted on buy-side bond desks in August

Podcast with Jim Switzer, global head of fixed income trading at Alliance Bernstein, gives a credit trading update for August, with high issuance and poor secondary liquidity being the main takeaways.

3 months ago

Analysis: How electronic bond trading has held up in 2020

Podcast with Mikael Björkman, head of Execution for Fixed Income at Credit Suisse, as he analyses how to optimise the use of electronic trading on the buy-side desk, how to integrate high- and low-touch trading and the feedback that e-trading provides into performance measures.

3 months ago

The future of the sell-side trading function

Podcast on the evolution of sell-side trading, we spoke with Mark Goodman, head of platform and execution hub at UBS; Ed Wicks, head of trading at Legal and General Investment Management, and Pontus Eriksson, head of strategy at FIS to understand the drivers for change, their visions of the future dealer, and the practical steps needed to help the sell-side move forward.

4 months ago

Key takeaway from FIX EMEA 2020: Finance needs a community

Podcast with Rebecca Healey and Matt Coupe, co-chairs of the EMEA Regional Committee, talking about the first virtual FIX EMEA Trading Conference, showcasing a range of discussions. From the drive towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) finance amongst regulators and investors alike, the impact of COVID-19 on the regulatory agenda, to updates from heads of trading across the globe, clear themes were visible.

4 months ago

Why has portfolio trading boomed this year?

Podcast with Chioma Okoye from Tradeweb, on how and why appetite and capability has increased. Since trading US$49 billion in 2019, Tradeweb has seen volumes explode with US$79 billion of portfolio trades executed in the first eight months of the year.

4 months ago

Paul Tang MEP: The importance of ESG at FIX EMEA on 18 September

Podcast with Paul Tang, MEP, ahead of his speech at the FIX EMEA Trading conference on 18 September 2020, where he gives his insights into the rise of environmental, social and governance (ESG) as a focus point amongst grassroots investors and the management of capital markets firms.

4 months ago