Can Neptune connect axe data directly to trading capabilities?

Published on 31 October 2022

In volatile markets, real time delivery and updates of axe information proved invaluable to supporting trade execution for both the buy-side and the sell side. Now Neptune Networks, the axe-delivery specialist, wants to do more.

It is engaging in new forays into derivatives markets and the municipal bond space along with expanding, emerging markets access, with growth in Asia Pacific.

As partnerships are key to both sell-side to ensure information delivery but also the buy-side, need Neptune plans to grow its ability to deliver directly into execution and order management systems, allowing more efficient use of the information the firm provides, in a timely manner.

Perhaps most importantly it is looking at ways to link axe data to execution, via an existing or new multilateral trading facility (MTF) – or even by becoming an MTF itself, says Byron Cooper-Fogarty, COO of Neptune Networks