Everything you ever wanted to know about Aquis Exchange in two minutes

Published on 30 May 2018

This two-minute video gives you the low-down on Aquis Exchange, which is expected to make an initial public offering on the week of the 11th June 2018.

The firm offers a unique subscription-based trading model for European equities and currently sits in the top ten of European exchange operators by market share. See the Aquis team describing their business here.

Aquis is a global exchanges business. In Europe, it offers a revolutionary subscription-based equities exchange. And globally, it offers cutting edge exchange software for third parties.

Aquis Excange is a pan-European MTF. For all intents and purposes, it is a stock exchange. We allow institutional traders to trade with each other in the key stocks from 14 European markets.

The world is shifting to a subscription pricing model, so much so, that subscriptions exist in everyone’s life.

We offer a complete solution to providing clients with best execution in a transparent, fully lit environment with ultra low market impact.

The key things that differentiate us from our competitors are the quality of the product, the technology, the performance and the cost.

Almost every industry has adopted subscription pricing. It was a mystery to me as to why the financial services industry, with all its advanced technology, with all its super-smart people, has not adapted to the subscription pricing model. And we are going to change that.

We have a constant queue of things inter-development, which are feeding into improving the overall product, whether that’s on the exchange or for technologies clients.

We have built a world class exchange business.

We have built a matching engine that is the fastest in Europe with the ability for huge throughput.

We don’t allow any aggressive non-client, proprietary trading. As a result of that, the market impact and signaling risk are significantly lower than any of the other markets.

All this, coupled with our fixed, low subscription rates, means that customers get a high quality execution at a low cost.

We believe at Aquis, that through the savings of explicit and implicit costs, the industry can save 1 billion pounds a year. One day all trading will be like this.