Trader TV: This Week -The Banking Crisis and Future Liquidity Issues

Published on 3 April 2023

A recap of events and an outlook of trading activity and liquidity issues for the week ahead.

North America

  • Liquidity has improved. Bid/ ask spreads in corporate bonds have tightened.
  • Cautious week ahead of Q1 earnings. Manufacturing data April 3, employment data April 7
  • In primary equities: IPOs in Financials and Tech on Nasdaq


  • Liquidity is still poor across assets. Lower volumes in equities and volatility fell by 4.2%
  • Corporate bonds saw no major spikes or dips
  • Primary equities: looks like a quiet week for IPOs


  • Moderate liquidity, equities were up and volatility rose by 2.1% across financials
  • Manufacturing data from China on April 3 and Inflation data from Australia on April 4
  • In primary equities: a few IPOs in Tech, Communications, and Real Estate on JPX